All compositions and orchestrations by Sarah Kirkland Snider.
All lyrics and illustrations by Nathaniel Bellows.
Vocals by Padma Newsome, DM Stith, and Shara Worden.
The Unremembered Orchestra conducted by Edwin Outwater.
Sound design by Michael Hammond, Lawson White, and Sarah Kirkland Snider.
Produced by Sarah Kirkland Snider and Lawson White.
Mixed by Andrew Scheps at Punkerpad West, Van Nuys, CA.
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.
Pre-Mixed and Edited by Lawson White at Good Child Music Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Additional Editing by Justin Hergett and Mike Jinno.
Recording Engineers: Charles Harbutt and Lawson White.
Assistant Recording Engineers: Mike Jinno, Sean Kelly, Alex Leach, Cecil Lockwood, Gina Vosti.
Orchestra recorded at Water Music, Hoboken, NJ.
Overdubs and Shara Worden’s and DM Stith’s vocals recorded at Good Child Music Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Padma Newsome’s vocals recorded at home in Mallacoota, Victoria, Australia.
Layout and Design by DM Stith.
Cover image by Unknown. Other Polaroid transfers by DM Stith.
Portraits of Sarah and Nathaniel by Willy Somma. 

Copyright 2015 Good Child/October Stone Music

Vocals by Song: 

1. Prelude: Shara Worden
2. The Estate: Padma Newsome, Shara Worden, and DM Stith
3. The Barn: Shara Worden and DM Stith
4. The Guest: Shara Worden, DM Stith, and Padma Newsome
5. The Slaughterhouse: DM Stith
6. The Girl: Shara Worden, DM Stith, and Padma Newsome
7. The Swan: Shara Worden
8. The Witch: Shara Worden
9. The River: Shara Worden, Padma Newsome, and DM Stith
10. The Speakers: Shara Worden, DM Stith
11. The Orchard: DM Stith, Shara Worden, and Padma Newsome
12. The Song: DM Stith, Shara Worden, and Padma Newsome
13. The Past: Shara Worden and Padma Newsome

The Unremembered Orchestra

Edwin Outwater

Kathy Halvorson
Hassan Anderson on “The Slaughterhouse” and “The Past”

English Horn:
Slava Znatchenii
Lauren Blackerby on “The Slaughterhouse” and “The Past”

Mike Parker Harley
Damian Primis
Brent Foster on “The Past”
Allison Nicotera on “The Past”

French Horn:
Matt Marks
Chad Yarbrough

Eric Beach
Thomas Kozumplik
Jason Treuting
Lawson White

Lawson White

Nuiko Wadden

Timo Andres


Celeste, Harpsichord:
Sarah Kirkland Snider

Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar/
12-String Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo:
Taylor Levine

Violin I:
Erin Benim Mayland
Olivier Manchon
Gillian Rivers
Coco Taguchi

Violin II:
Kiku Enomoto
Rachel Golub
Max Moston
Mary Jo Stilp

Amelia Hollander Ames
Surai Balbesi
Caleb Burhans
Beth Meyers

Christine Kim
Ha-Yang Kim
Laura Metcalf
Brian Snow

Double Bass:
Pete Donovan
Eleonore Oppenheim


My deepest thanks to Shara, Andrew, Nathaniel, Michael, Edwin, David, Padma, and Lawson; all the players of the Unremembered Orchestra; Ryan Lott; Chris Bellman; Brad Wells and Roomful of Teeth; Kate Nordstrum; Murat Eyuboglu; Beth Meyers; Hassan Anderson; Molly Joyce; Charles Harbutt, Mike Jinno, and Alex Leach; Bill, Judd, Curt, Santino, and the NewAm team; Stuart Wolferman; Mary Jo Stilp; Willy Somma and Noelle Marinelli; Natalie Rakes; Kit Snider, Ned Snider, and Marina Greenstein; and my beloved family—Steve, Jasper, and Dylan.